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Horoscope sign Gemini Mohanlal

BORN: 1960-05-21
SIGN: Gemini

Mohanlal Vishwanathan Nair or Mohanlal is an acclaimed film actor plus producer in the industry of Malayalam movies. The actor has risen to great fame due to his excellent acting skills. Mohanlal was born on 21st May and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth. Mohanlal personal scope Mohanlal has an amicable and friendly personality. He values family and friends and sometimes quite possessive about them. He is helpful and generous and goes to any length to safeguard and help all those who are close to him Mohanlal career scope Mohanlal career is likely to be free from impediments. He is likely to traverse on the career path without much hassle. There could be some occasional breaks and gaps in his path of career but soon he will experience rejuvenation as far as his career is concerned. His creativity is best showcased through his acting talents and that fetches in an extensive fan following for him. Mohanlal money scope Mohanlal’s life indicates a sound financial situation. Money will never leave him. His profession and career is likely to bless him financially. But Mohanlal has to exercise his intelligence and wisdom to the fullest to make the most of his good financial situation. Mohanlal health scope Mohanlal may fall prey to cardiovascular disorders and eye sight related issues at some point of time in his life and thus he needs to watch out on his food habit and work pattern.

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