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Mohammad Azharuddin

Horoscope sign Aquarius Mohammad Azharuddin

BORN: 1963-02-08
SIGN: Aquarius
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Mohammad Azharuddin is an ex-Indian cricket captain as well as politician. During his active career in cricket he had played as a batsman of the middle order and had offered his valuable captainship to the team in 1990’s. he was born on February 8th and is an Aquarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Well-developed awareness of Psyche is fostered by the stars in his natal chart and that makes him think deep and think critically quite often. He looks calm on the exterior but his inner self is often caught in chaos and dilemma

Career scope

Choosing any one single career to derive maximum satisfaction from it seems an intimidating task to him. Focusing on any one career related task or job may turn out to be quite challenging to him

Achievements scope

Mohammad Azharuddin’s achievements are pretty significant and engaging. He is the first of all players to have exhibited his playing skills in 300+ ODIs. For his contributions, he was honored with the ‘ Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1991’ title. Padma Sri and Arjuna award for cricket too make a part of Mohammad Azharuddin’s Achievements ...

Family and relationships scope

Since he values his freedom a lot, getting entangled in any sort of relationship may not seem a good idea for him. He often stays emotionally detached from his close ones and acts coldly or in an apathetic way while dealing with them.

Money scope

His mind is driven by the desire to earn more and more money as he wishes to maintain his high status in society all the time and for that monetary backup is needed. Money management skills come naturally to him

Health scope

He has a dichotomous approach towards health. He can take up extreme measures to bring about a healthy change in his mind and body. Fitness and well being attracts him a lot in fact.

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