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Mithun Chakroborty

Horoscope sign Gemini Mithun Chakroborty

BORN: 1950-06-16
SIGN: Gemini

Mithun Chakroborty is a prominent name in the Indian film industry. Besides being a successful actor, Mithun da is also an enthusiastic social work, political figure, producer, singer, director and many more. He was born on the 16th of June and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Leadership qualities & extra-ordinary determination are well mirrored through his personality. He sticks to his goals in life and hardly deviates from the goals. He prefers freedom of thoughts as well as actions and never allows any impediments to stand in the way of realizing his goals

Career scope

Mithun da’s career is quite eventful as he is a multi-faceted talent, capable of proving his worth in various fields. His thirst for success sustains him in his field of career and he easily reaches the position which he very much deserves

Money scope

Money comes easy to Mithun da. He is versatile enough to shine in almost all spheres of career and that actually amplifies his riches. Mithun da shows some generosity by donating a part of his riches for social welfare and charity purpose

Health scope

Mithunda has a high fitness quotient and is blessed with a sound health. However, he should watch out on his lifestyle in order to evade some lifestyle-related disorders in the later part of his life.

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