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Horoscope sign Cancer KARTHIKA NAIR

BORN: 1992-06-27
SIGN: Cancer

Karthika Nair is a celebrated Indian movie actress and a very popular face in the various South Indian movies. She has an extensive fan following and brilliant acting capabilities. She was born on June 27 th and is a Cancerian by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Karthika is a very straight forward person who never likes beating about the bush too much. She speaks precisely and speaks to the point. This may make her appear aggressive at times but basically she is gentle, soft and kind deep underneath her exterior stern façade and in that she very much resembles the crab.

Career scope

Karthika is a career woman. She takes her work very seriously and pursues her career dreams with unflinching determination and dedication. That is what ordains success for her.

Money scope

Money will definitely come to Karthika and lead to a boom in her financial zone but in the initial years of career, the financial progress might be a little slow paced and might be directly proportional to her hard work.

Health scope

Karthika is very health and fitness conscious and that helps her to maintain a good health all through. However, at times she may fall prey to unwanted worries and tensions and thus get attacked by bouts of tension headache.

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