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Karan Singh Grover

Horoscope sign Pisces Karan Singh Grover

BORN: 1982-02-23
SIGN: Pisces

Karan Singh Grover is a popular name especially in the Indian Television arena. This model cum actor has acted in several popular TV Soaps plus has appeared in movies too. Karan Singh Grover was born on February 23rd and is a Piscean by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope        

Planetary alignments on Karan Singh Grover’s natal chart make him a highly logical as well as analytical person. He has an innate ability to read the mind and its thoughts and that actually makes him stand out from the crowd.

Career scope

Career goals are taken by him with immense seriousness and he does everything to reach those goals as fast as possible. In other words he is somewhat impatient when it comes to achieving something related to his career

Achievements scope

Karan Singh Grover has made it to the top at quite a short period of time. In television as well as in movies he has been making his presence felt most outstandingly. Some of the notable awards he has achieved so far include Zee gold awards, FHM Awards, Indian Telly awards, Kalakar awards etc

Family and relationships scope

In matters of friendship, he is a very loyal as a person and his company is enjoyed by all. In matters of love he may seem confusing to his partner as his mood is likely to fluctuate a lot. However, he is also likely to make a very dedicated soul mate

Money scope

Money management comes easy to him. He in fact is born with innate skills of money management. Also, budgeting is something he has great mastery over. If he can manage his impulsive spending habits, he is likely to face no financial issues in his life

Health scope

He is a reasonably healthy person who loves to incorporate healthy ways in his life. However stress related issues may pull him down in matters of health as he generally keeps his stress locked up within him.

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