Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Karan Johar

Horoscope sign Gemini Karan Johar

BORN: 1972-05-25
SIGN: Gemini
PROFESSION: director

Karan Johar is a distinguished figure of the Tinsel town. He is a famous producer, director, screenwriter, actor, costume designer and many more. Karan was born on the 25th of May and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth Personality scope Karan has a very attractive and vibrant personality. He oozes wit and intelligence through his words and actions and that gets him many fans and admirers. He is sociable and loves to spend quality time with friends. He has good far sight and that imparts an intuitive edge to his personality Career scope Career life seems quite promising for Karan. Stars predict dramatic twists and turns on the path of career. Though it may lessen the progress pace to some extent, these dramatic turns may ultimately work to his advantage. Karan is creatively blessed and thus is a multi-faceted talent who will have no looking back once his career takes off Money scope Money will come easy to Karan. His career will fetch him all that he wants; i.e. name, fame and money. If he can act decisively and takes his financial decisions with wisdom, Karan will have just enough to live a luxurious enough life Health scope Health-wise Karan may be more or less fit and fine though in the middle part of his life, he may fall into the clutches of some metabolic disorders.

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