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Kabir Bedi

Horoscope sign Capricorn Kabir Bedi

BORN: 1946-01-16
SIGN: Capricorn

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi is a renowned movie actor of the Bollywood movie industry plus a TV presenter too. His acting career has brought him into limelight not only in India but also in the U.S and several other countries of Europe. Film, theatre and television- in all the three medias he has proved his mettle most successfully.  He was born on January 16th and is a Capricorn native by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Planet Uranus acts upon the natal chart of Kabir Bedi making him what he is. Under this planetary influence he turns out to be a kind-hearted though less expressive individual with a spiritual bent of mind.

Career scope

When it comes to choosing a career, he pays much importance to the salary figures associated with the job/project in question. Also, being goal-oriented he is able to achieve his career goals quite effortlessly.

Achievements scope

Kabir Bedi is a globally acclaimed personality. He enjoys the position of being one of the Screen Actors Guild voting members plus had been one of the voting members of the most celebrated Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Also, he has achieved several awards across Europe and India for his brilliant performances. Italian Republic has honored him with the ‘Cavaliere’ Merit Title.

Family and relationships scope

In matters of the heart, he shows immense devotion. He loves to shower his partner with lots of affection and loves to connect to her on a greater emotional level. He looks for a partner who can allow him to sharpen his intellect.

Money scope

Though he is capable of earning a huge lot of money, money management is something he really needs to master. That skill is lacking in him and this may fetch in certain financial issues into his life occasionally.

Health scope

He has an indolent streak in him and that often leads to he, being ignorant of his physical vitality and well being. By doing so, he may invite certain health issues like indigestion, metabolic disorders or insomnia into his life.

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