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Juhi Chawla

Horoscope sign Scorpio Juhi Chawla

BORN: 1967-11-13
SIGN: Scorpio

Juhi Chawla is a well known actress of the Indian movie industry plus a film director. She had
also been a model as well as beauty pageant who had won the 1984 Miss India contest. She
was born on 13 th of November and is a Scorpion by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Uranus and Pluto make Juhi what she is as a person. Under these planetary influences
she turns out to be a strong willed, courageous and confident individual who is not easily
perturbed by any sort of challenges

Career scope

Juhi Chawla is attracted towards versatility in career. Mundane and prosaic works repel her and
make her focus waver. Anything that is challenging and unconventional at work keeps her glued
to it

Achievements scope

Juhi Chawla’s success is clearly depicted through the various achievements she had bagged all
through life. The major awards she had won include Film fare award for best actress, Film fare
lux new face award, Bollywood movie award, Screen award for best supporting actress

Family and relationships scope

It takes quite a lot of time for Juhi to get into a relationship and she finds it difficult to bond up
with her loved ones. But anyone who can break into her exterior shell of emotional coldness is
sure to find a sea of love and tenderness behind it

Money scope

Juhi has a realistic and practical approach towards money. She wishes to make her life
financially secured as the fear of waning prosperity often plagues her. Thus, she takes all the
necessary steps in that direction

Health scope

Juhi is enough concerned and conscious about health. She makes it a point to reach the zenith of
spiritual, physical as well as emotional wellness and for that she believes in taking proper guidance from
an expert

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