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Jiah Khan

Horoscope sign Pisces Jiah Khan

BORN: 1988-02-20
SIGN: Pisces

Jiah Khan had been a quite popular and powerful actress with a British American background. She had appeared in many Hindi movies, ‘Nishabd’ being the first of the lot. She had also been a quite talented singer. She was born on February 20th and had been a Pisces native by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Neptune and Moon had been dominant planets in Jiah Khan’s natal chart. Under the impact of these planets, she had been of an intuitive and reserved nature and had an enigma to her personality

Career scope

Jiah had a tendency to get bored with one particular career project. Also, career roles or tasks of mundane nature did not appeal to her much. So, she was prone to choosing a vocation/project that is somewhat ‘unconventional’

Achievements scope

Jiah Khan had proved herself as an actress with potential though we did not get to see her in too many movies due to her unfortunate and untimely death. In Nishabd her first movie Jiah played a quite controversial role which broke stereotypes. In Gajni and Housefull too she made her mark most compellingly thereby proving that she had all the aptitude of a good actress

Family and relationships scope                          

As far as relationships were concerned Jiah had a selfless and compassionate approach that made her too prone to make great sacrifices. Thus, getting exploited in relationship or being taken for granted was always a possibility for her

Money scope

Jiah had never been too very concerned with her finances; instead she often used to indulge in over-spending. But her stable earnings were a blessing for her and allowed her to support her lavish lifestyle all the time

Health scope

Jiah had a proneness to indulge in faulty lifestyle and go over the board. Thus, she could have fallen prey to lifestyle related health disorders. Stress and anxiety could have played much havoc in her life, had she been between us still…

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