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Jackie Shroff

Horoscope sign Aquarius Jackie Shroff

BORN: 1957-02-01
SIGN: Aquarius

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff is a well known actor of the Indian movie industry. He is attached to the industry of Hindi movies for nearly four decades and has acted in movies of several languages all these years. He was born on 1st February and is an Aquarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

As per the planetary alignments on his natal chart, Jackie Shroff is an optimistic person with a very positive frame of mind. He is logical and passionate and comes with very sharp intuitive power

Career scope

In matters of career and work projects, he is always very active and enthusiastic. Work projects that are dynamic in nature and yields super fast results are always preferred by him. Dull professional set ups repel him a lot

Achievements scope

Jackie Shroff has made a significant mark in the genre of Indian cinema through his endless contributions to the industry. Indian telly award, Film fare award and Asianet award are among the various awards he has achieved so far

Family and relationships scope

He likes to get into a relationship with people who ideally match his level of intellect. As a partner, he is devoted, trustworthy and highly dependable. Thus, in matters of the heart he proves himself as quite successful

Money scope

He is not very skilled in money management. He often has a quite impulsive approach towards money. He enjoys spending freely in order to cater to his rich taste. This may lead to financial issues in the future.

Health scope

In matters of health he tends to be neglectful. He is not much interested in going for routine health checkups or following a regular fitness routine. He’ll do himself good if he can manage to minimize his stress levels

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