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Irfan Pathan

Horoscope sign Scorpio Irfan Pathan

BORN: 1984-10-27
SIGN: Scorpio
PROFESSION: Cricket player

 Irfan Pathan is a well known cricketer of team India. He debuted  in the late 2003. Until 2006, he had functioned as the national team’s core member but towards the end of 2006, there was a decline in his form and he had to move out of the team. He was born on 27th October and is a Scorpion by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope        

Planets Mars and Pluto shape the personality of Irfan Pathan. Under these planetary influences, Irfan becomes a charming individual steeped in the attributes of compassion and constancy that make a positive impact all around.

Career scope

Irfan’s intense ambition gives him a highly charged up career presence. He is thirsty about scaling new heights in career and to achieve that end he has the tenacity to burn the midnight oil.

Achievements scope

Irfan’s achievement meter shows an upward trend and the same is spelled by his stars. Cricket connoisseurs have recognized him as the country’s best seam-and-swing bowler since Kapil Dev and that is indeed a big achievement

Family and relationships scope

Irfan is a loving and romantic person who really can strengthen bonds by his presence in a relationship. He makes a loyal partner and is passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to romancing

Money scope

Irfan’s money management and money handling skills know no bounds. His frugal and wise approach towards expending stops him from indulging in any sort of impulsive spending sprees.

Health scope

Irfan is naturally blessed with physical vitality and health. But he, being careless about health, often takes his health for granted and that makes even the pettiest health issues bother him to a great extent.

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