Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Harbhajan Singh

Horoscope sign Cancer Harbhajan Singh

BORN: 1980-07-03
SIGN: Cancer

Harbhajan Singh is a notable Indian cricket player well known for his remarkable off spin bowling capabilities. He was born on July 3rd and is a Cancerian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Harbhajan is a man of determination with a very broad heart. He may seem somewhat aggressive on the exterior side but deep within he is thoughtful, emotional and sensitive just like the typical ‘crab’

Career scope

Harbhajan’s career is that of player and his art of playing and presenting himself, he shows enough skill and perfection. He is determined when it comes to achieving his career goals and that paves the way for Harbhajan’s career success.

Money scope

Harbhajan will lead his life amid financial affluence and luxuries because stars bless him with a great money luck. Thus, money will flow into his life quite incessantly

Health scope

Health-wise Harbhajan will not face any significant problem. However, occasionally bouts of tension headaches may wreak havoc in his life

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