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Horoscope sign Cancer Hamselekha

BORN: 1951-06-23
SIGN: Cancer
PROFESSION: MusicDirector

Hamselekha, is a celebrated lyricist, music composer as well as singer who dominates the south Indian movie industry, especially the Kannada movie industry. He was born on 23rd of June and is a Cancerian by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Hamselekha is broad-minded and die-hard creative in his thoughts and actions. He values friends and close family bonds and loves to spend quality time with his near and dear ones who get a chance to bask in the warmth of his generosity and adorable disposition

Career scope

Hamselekha’s passionate creative pursuits may take him to the heights in the field of career. He is a composer, lyricist and singer all at the same time. He equates his profession to divinity. Work is worship for him and he does it with utmost sincerity and dedication

Money scope

Hamselekha will have no dearth of money once his career takes off. However, he should undertake some money saving initiatives to improve his financial security and stability in the days to come.

Health scope

Hamselekha may fall prey to some digestive system related disorders in the later part of his life. Too much of overstraining and work pressure may cause him to neglect his health.

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