Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Gauri Khan

Horoscope sign Libra Gauri Khan

BORN: 1970-10-08
SIGN: Libra

Gauri is a distinguished movie producer in Bollywood and also a very creative interior
designer. She along with her husband, Shah Rukh Khan runs the ‘Red Chilies Entertainment’, a popular
movie production as well as distribution company. She was born on October 8th and is a Libran by virtue
of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Planets Venus and Saturn act upon the personality of Gauri Khan and shape it thoroughly. Under these
planetary influences she turns out to be a shrewd, tactful, creative and imaginative individual with a latent
spirit of competition.

Career scope

Gauri is ambitious when it comes to career and always looks forward to carving a distinct niche for him at
the career front. Her creativity, imaginative mind and aesthetic sense when applied righty gives her the
place which she very much deserves.

Money scope

Gauri is skilled enough in managing her finances and is great in balancing her budget. Thus monetary
issues hardly crop up in her life. Though she occasionally indulges in impulsive spending it does not
trouble her much as she can curb those tendencies in time.

Health scope

She may face a faltering health mainly because of her failure to manage her soaring stress levels.
Nervousness, stomach complications, indigestion and insomnia that she tends to suffer from have stress as
its root cause.

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