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Gabriela Sabatini

Horoscope sign Taurus Gabriela Sabatini

BORN: 1970-05-16
SIGN: Taurus
PROFESSION: Tennis Player

Gabriela Sabatini, the famed tennis player from Argentina was born on 16th May and is a Taurean by virtue of her date of birth. Gabriela is every inch a sports person. Since her very childhood she was attracted to the game of tennis which became her passion and subsequently her career. Gabriela is ambitious by nature and never leaves a job undone until she has completed it to utmost perfection. She applies her ambition to her career and that makes her a ‘star’. Also, she is creative and is attracted to anything that evokes a sense of beauty which is ‘a joy forever’. This attribute of Gabriela made her join the industry of perfumes soon after she retired from Tennis.

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