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Fardeen Khan

Horoscope sign Pisces Fardeen Khan

BORN: 1974-03-08
SIGN: Pisces

Fardeen Khan is a well known actor of the Bollywood movie industry. He debuted in the world of acting in the year 1998 with the movie ‘Prem Angan’. He is son to another well known movie personality of the country, Feroz Khan. He was born on March 8 th and is a Piscean by virtue of his date of birth..

Personality scope

Planets Saturn and Neptune cast their dichotomous influence on the natal chart of Fardeen Khan and under such a planetary influence, he tends to be misunderstood quite often. He has an unusual perfectionist streak in him and is highly individualistic by nature. Such traits in his personality often border on stubbornness.

Career scope

Fardeen Khan being individualistic as a person prefers to be the same at his place of work too. Thus, he hates to be controlled by a boss at work place. He wants his ideas and methods to be applied at work with no intrusion from any kind of sources. Thus, he is likely to do well in a self-employment setup.

Achievements scope

Fardeen Khan has proved his mettle as an actor in his very first movie ‘Prem Aggan’. The movie industry found him to be an actor with great promise and his fans too thought him to be an engaging actor in the making. Some of the awards he has won so far include Film fare award for best male debut, Bollywood movie award for best male debut, Bollywood movie award for best promising actor, IIFA Award for style icon of the year. His movie ‘No Entry’ was a great hit at the box office.

Family and relationships scope

When it comes to the family and relationship domain he tends to have a very practical approach. He takes time to get involved in a relationship but when he does get involved, he can really make timeless and exemplary relationships.

Money scope

In matters of money he is damn serious. He is eager to gather a huge lot of money for 2 primary reasons. Firstly, in order to satiate his own personal ambition and secondly to take the best care of his family by means of his financial resources

Health scope

He is blessed with an athletic physic. He attaches importance to regular exercises and tries to do the same daily but while exercising he keeps the practical benefits of exercises in mind and never does it just for the sake of doing.

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