Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Dinesh Karthik

Horoscope sign Gemini Dinesh Karthik

BORN: 1985-06-01
SIGN: Gemini
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Dinesh Karthik, the famous Indian cricketer has won many hearts with his cricketing skills and amusing personality. He was born on the 1st of June and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth. Personality scope Dinesh has a very attractive personality. He is a great communicator just like any other Geminian and is empowered to move crowds and grab attention by means of his eloquent speeches. He is generally calm and patient but flickers of impulsiveness may show up in his personality when he is badly provoked Career scope Dinesh loves his career and is never bored from chasing his career. He shows a perfectionist streak when it comes to career and may work and even overwork to make things turn in his favor. He has a promising career in the field of sports and will shine all the more in the days to come Finance scope The goddess of wealth is always generous on Dinesh and thus there will be no end to his riches. He will lead a comfortable and, rather luxurious life by means of the money he earns. Also, he will save and leave enough for his progeny to lead a lavish life Health scope Dinesh is a healthy man on the whole. He sticks to his fitness regime most diligently. However, in the later part of his life, Dinesh may find himself falling prey to health issues related to his musculoskeletal system

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