Today's Celebrity Horoscope


Horoscope sign Leo Chiranjeevi

BORN: 1955-08-22

Chiranjivee is a well known movie actor of the Indian movie industry. He is also into several other career domains such as that of a dancer, singer, voice artist, producer, director, businessman and politician. He was born on 22nd of August and is a Leonite by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

Chiranjivee has a streak of dualism in his personality. On one hand he is outgoing and confident while on the other hand he is reflective and introvert. His ways and mannerisms portray a curious medley of instinctive approaches and logic.

Career scope

Chiranjivee is very proactive and enthusiastic when it comes to the career sphere. He leaves no stone unturned to explore new career opportunities by applying whatever professional skill he has.

Finance scope

Finance is indeed a tricky matter for Chiranjivee. He has all the ability to earn a good amount of money but what he lacks is the ability to handle money efficiently

Health scope

General health of Chiranjivee is good although he may occasionally fall a prey to illnesses like nervy stomach, headaches, common cold etc

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