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Bobby Deol

Horoscope sign Aquarius Bobby Deol

BORN: 1967-01-27
SIGN: Aquarius

Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol is a popular actor of the Indian movie industry. He is the son of another veteran actor of the past era; Dharmendra. Bobby Deol was born on 27th of January and is an Aquarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planet Mars shows a commanding influence upon the natal chart of Bobby Deol. Under the planetary influence of Mars he comes to have a rather infectious personality that easily charms all around him

Career scope                          

The career scopes that suit Bobby Deol are the ones that make use of his deep rational power of thinking as well as his creativity. Since he is adroit at learning new things, any job/career that stimulates enhancement of knowledge is just ideal for him

Achievements scope

Bobby Deol has acted in some of the most popular romantic thrillers till date and that has caused him to emerge to limelight. He had achieved the Film fare award for debuting in the movie Barsaat. He is currently the successful owner of a grand banquet hall plus a swanky restaurant

Family and relationships scope

He is remarkably caring in his approach towards his loved ones and always wishes to make them feel special. Bonding up at an emotional level comes easy to him and this makes him successful as a friend or partner or even as a family member

Money scope

He tends to spend extravagantly. He can easily fall prey to strong splurging impulses and that makes it difficult for him to abide by a budget. To maintain steadiness in cash in-flow he needs to curb his over spending habits

Health scope

Being carefree in terms of attitude, he tends to be casual and careless about his health too. He is highly prone to injuries and stress-related health issues and thus is advised to find out ways to calm himself down emotionally and mentally.

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