Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Ashok Kumar

Horoscope sign Libra Ashok Kumar

BORN: 1911-10-13
SIGN: Libra

Ashok Kumar, commonly known by the name of ‘dadamoni’ in the film industry had been an Indian movie actor who had acquired a real iconic status as an actor in the Indian movie industry. He was born on October 13th and is a Libran by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Uranus and Venus shape the personality of Ashok Kumar. Under these planetary influences he turns out to be a highly active and optimistic individual with a remarkable sense of fairness and calmness

Career scope

Ashok Kumar has immense potential to progress most rapidly in his career. His professional skills and innate talents are backed by other useful attributes like dedication at work, creativity, practicality and adaptability

Money scope

Financial security and stability may befriend him all the time. His utilitarian approach to money makes him wise with all money matters. He is a sensible spender and is also prone to saving money

Health scope

He is blessed with a more or less sound health. Fatigue, restlessness and stress-related ailments may however trouble him from time to time. Incorporation of yoga and meditation in life can help him out

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