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Horoscope sign Capricorn ASHMIT PATEL

BORN: 1978-01-13
SIGN: Capricorn


Ashmit Patel is a popular actor of the Bollywood movie industry. He had been a Big Boss contestant too and is presently working in ‘Amma’, a popular Zee TV Show. He was born on January 13th and is a Capricorn native by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope                  

His natal chart is influenced by planet Uranus and that makes him a down-to-earth and reliable individual with a real persistent streak in his personality. Also, he is very methodical and organized as a person

Career scope

When it comes to career domain Ashmit shows remarkable perseverance and persistency. No matter how challenging a project or task is, he never gives up easily and holds on to it until he has tried out all measures

Achievements scope

Ashmit has acted in quite a few Bollywood films such as ‘Jai Ho’, ‘Toss’, ‘Dil diya hain’ etc. He acquired the third place in season 4 Big Boss Reality show. Currently his role in Zee tv show ‘Amma’ is fetching him accolades and recognition

Family and relationships scope

He is keen at forming relationship with someone who is successful in life. He wants his soul mate to shower him with love and admiration all the time. As a committed partner, he can be very devoted and caring

Money scope

Money is secondary for him though he is always on the lookout for financial stability and security. When it comes to handling money he shows enough resourcefulness. He is also cautious regarding his overspending impulses

Health scope

Though he lacks a robust physical stature yet he has a sound health brought about by his immense health consciousness. He never deviates from a healthy, balanced lifestyle and that keeps him hale and hearty most of the time

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