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Asha Bhosle

Horoscope sign Virgo Asha Bhosle

BORN: 1933-09-08
SIGN: Virgo

Asha Bhosle popularly known as Ashaji, is an Indian playback singer renowned for her contributions to the world of music in Hindi Cinema. She was born on September 8 and is a Virgo native by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Asha Bhosle is a level headed, confident lady with immense dynamism and charm in her persona. These attributes attract many to her. She has a practical approach to life. She is generous and loyal towards loved ones

Career scope

Ashaji loves her career and draws inspiration and energy for sustenance from it. Thus, Asha Ji’s career is the seat of joy for her all the time

Finance scope

Asha ji is blessed with a good financial luck. Also, she is good at saving money. Thus, money hardly departs from her. But her excessive generosity may make her donate a huge part of her savings

Health scope

Asha ji tends to be a little casual about her health. She may fall a prey to issues like high bp, insomnia in the later part of  her life

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