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Arjun Rampal

Horoscope sign Sagittarius Arjun Rampal

BORN: 1972-11-26
SIGN: Sagittarius

Arjun Rampal is one of the most prominent actors of the Indian movie industry. Before joining films he had been into the career of a fashion model. Apart from acting he is involved in film producing too. He was born on November 26th and is a Sagittarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Saturn and Jupiter shape the personality of Arjun Rampal. Under the impact of these celestial bodies, he turns out to be a very positive and competent individual with great, attentive listening skills

Career scope

Arjun’s professional versatility is pretty high and that makes him do well in almost every type of project or job role. He is also very enthusiastic about enhancing his existing set of skills and that helps him go ahead in career

Achievements scope

Arjun Rampal has carved a distinct niche for himself in the arena of films. He enjoys special fame for being the most versatile acting professional of the country. His talents and skills have been recognized through multiple awards. Some of the awards he has achieved in his career include Screen award for best male debut, Film fare award for best supporting actor, Guild award for best actor in a supporting role, IIFA Fresh face of the year award etc

Family and relationships scope           

When it comes to relationships of life, Arjun loves to bond up on a deeper, emotional level. He likes to repose complete faith in his loved ones, and is loving in his approach towards them

Money scope

Stars bless him with a sound and hassle-free domain of money. He is very sensible as well as disciplined in all sorts of money matters and that leads him to a totally secured position in terms of money

Health scope

Proper management of the mental as well as physical energies can improve Arjun’s health a tenfold. He is actually prone to wasting these energies and that often causes health issues to crop up in his life.

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