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Amrita Singh

Horoscope sign Aquarius Amrita Singh

BORN: 1958-02-09
SIGN: Aquarius

Amrita Singh is an actress of the Indian movie and television industry. She was born on 9th February and is an Aquarian by virtue of her date of birth.

Personality scope

As per the astral alignments on her natal chart Amrita comes with a calculating and shrewd nature. She is always cautious and well measured in her actions. She is joyful and loves to have a bustling social life.

Career scope

She is the owner of a mind that can focus on many things at a time. Thus, multi-tasking comes easy to her. Also, her work ethics are strong enough and that helps her derive the job satisfaction she needs out of her professional life

Achievements scope

Amrita is no doubt a powerful actress and has proved that every time during her screen presence whether in movies or in TV Soaps. Some of the awards she has bagged include filmfare award, Indian Telly award, Star parivaar award

Family and relationships scope

When it comes to the relationship domain, she may show a rather indifferent and emotionally cold approach. People may think her to be devoid of delicate emotions but the truth is that she lacks the power to express.

Money scope

She has a shrewd mind when it comes to handling money. She is prudent in her approach to money. Thus, she has all the abilities to save enough for the future and amplify her existing wealth reserve

Health scope

Though she is health conscious in general, she may often fall a prey to impulsive eating or an unhealthy lifestyle that may take a toll on her physical health in the long run. She may suffer from stress and skin ailments in her life

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