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Amitabh Ghosh

Horoscope sign Cancer Amitabh Ghosh

BORN: 1956-07-11
SIGN: Cancer

Amitabh Ghosh is a well renowned prolific writer in the genre of Indian English. He has bagged many prestigious honors such as Arthur. C. Clarke award etc for his rich contribution in the arena of English fiction writing. He was born on July 11th and is a Cancerian by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Amitabh Ghosh, a literary and creative person that he is, showcases many mixed attributes through his personality. His rough and tough exterior has a magnetic charm and aura about it and deep within he is sensitive and soft just like the typical crab

Career scope

Amitabh Ghosh is extremely industrious and hard working when it comes to his career and he enjoys all the attention and limelight he gets. He in fact quite deserves the fame and name that he gets in his domain of career and his professional skills make him stand out all the time

Money scope

He is very serious in money matters and takes financial security quite seriously. Thus, he never does anything impulsively when it comes to money. That of course blesses him with money luck

Health scope

Amitabh Ghosh enjoys sound health. He is a practitioner of healthy habits and lifestyle which makes his health domain more or less problem free

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