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Ali Zafar

Horoscope sign Taurus Ali Zafar

BORN: 1980-05-19
SIGN: Taurus
PROFESSION: Actor/Singer

Ali Zafar is an acclaimed film artist, singer and painter from Pakistan who generated many sensations through his screen appearance on the movie ‘Tere bin Laden’. He was born on the 19th of May and is a Taurean by virtue of his date of birth. Naturoscope The creative streak in Ali Zafar is prominent enough. Just like any other Taurean Ali Zafar pursues his creative goals with ease. Ali Zafar’s sharp wittedness and wisdom may make a mark everywhere and fetch him many accolades from the various domains of life. Ali Zafar is an ideal family man well aware of his responsibilities towards his loved one. Also, deep religiosity may cause him to make frequent excursions into the spiritual world. Career and Money scopes Ali Zafar’s creativity makes his career grow. He is able to showcase his natural talents with ease in every creative pursuit that he engages in. One cannot but notice his stubbornness towards achieving his goals. Money will come into his life through career and through his sincere efforts

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