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Ajit Agarkar

Horoscope sign Sagittarius Ajit Agarkar

BORN: 1977-12-04
SIGN: Sagittarius
PROFESSION: Cricket Player

Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar had been a former cricketer of team India. He had played on behalf of the country in over 200 international cricket matches. He was born on 4th December and is a Sagittarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Uranus and Jupiter act upon Agarkar’s natal chart, thereby shaping his personality. Under these planetary influences he turns out to be an optimistic individual with a positive outlook and approach towards everything in life

Career scope

When it comes to his career Agarkar shows remarkable determination and is ready to burn the midnight oil in order to reach his career goals. All of his career pursuits are driven by surging passion

Achievements scope                       

Ajit Agarkar’s scope of achievements proves him as a potent player quite undoubtedly. In the arena of international cricket, Agarkar had been a renowned name. He also played robustly as a part of Delhi daredevils and KKR thereby stealing many hearts. His captainship in 40th Ranji trophy match earned him special attention

Family and relationships scope

He does not like to follow the conventional trends when it comes to forming bonds and relationship. His unique demands and desires make him form relationships with rather unconventional people

Money scope

Agarkar lacks interest in money matters. Though he is capable of earning handsomely, he is pretty careless about saving money or maintaining a steady source of income. That may lead to financial woes for him

Health scope

Agarkar often swings between two extremes in the matters of health and is quite unique in that respect. At times he may turn into a fanatic chasing health like crazy while at other times he turns out to be totally indifferent towards health

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