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Aditya Roy Kapoor

Horoscope sign Scorpio Aditya Roy Kapoor

BORN: 1985-11-16
SIGN: Scorpio

Aditya Roy Kapoor is a promising contemporary actor of the Indian movie industry. Before joining films he had been VJ on the channel V. He was born on 16 th November and is a Scorpion by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planetary influences of Pluto and Neptune make Aditya what he is. These planets act upon his personality to make him a lively individual with a fair approach to life and a strong sense of freedom

Career scope

Aditya’s professional skills give him all the needed courage to charge his way ahead on the path
of his career. He is confident and has faith in his abilities and these attributes are clearly reflected through his work pattern.

Achievements scope

Aditya has joined the film industry only a couple of years back but still has bagged quite a few
notable awards such as IIFA Award for best supporting actor, Big star entertainment award for
best actor in a romantic role, Star guild award for Jodi of the year and so on. Thus, he is actually made to achieve

Family and relationships scope

Relationships matter a lot for Aditya. He is compassionate and considerate towards his near
and dear ones. When it comes to love, he is likely to express it most passionately and innovatively

Money scope

Monetary issues may often bring creases of worry on Aditya’s forehead and he, himself is responsible for that. A casual attitude towards money plus inclinations towards frivolous spending play the culprit for him

Health scope

Health always comes secondary for Aditya. He is least bothered about his physical well being and literally takes it for granted. Thus, illnesses are quite common in his life.

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