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Aarti Chhabra

Horoscope sign Scorpio Aarti Chhabra

BORN: 1982-11-21
SIGN: Scorpio

Aarti Chhabra is an ex model plus a popular actress of the Indian movie industry. Her area of work focuses primarily on Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada and Telegu movies. She was born on 21st November and is a Scorpion by virtue of her date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Jupiter and Pluto shape the personality of Aarti Chhabra. Under these planetary influences she turns out to be an optimistic, outgoing and confident individual blessed with great imagination and excellent communication skills

Career scope

Aarti Chhabra is drawn to a project or career that helps her to make the best use of her practical as well as creative faculties. Any job that does not interest her cannot keep her glued to it for long

Achievements scope

Aarti Chhabra shows great promise when it comes to her achievement domain. She started off as a model for the TV Ads and then climbed the ladder of success to win the Miss India Worldwide 2000 Pageant contest. Soon afterwards she entered the film industry and is doing quite well there too

Family and relationships scope

When it comes to her dealings with her near and dear ones Aarti shows a real loving, supportive and compassionate approach. She values her bonds with her loved ones and in matters of the heart too she is remarkably expressive, creative and romantic

Money scope

Though she is drawn to luxury and impulsive shopping, her financial status remains stable for most of the time as good stars sit upon her house of money. She is capable of stretching her finances over a long drawn path and thus can easily avoid unwanted financial issues

Health scope

Her outlook towards health is a balanced. She exercises moderation in her lifestyle and dietary habits. Her aim remains to keep herself fit and fine always and she works sincerely towards achieving that target

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