Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Balakrishna Nandamuri

Horoscope sign Gemini Balakrishna Nandamuri

BORN: 1960-06-10
SIGN: Gemini

This stunning Telugu cinema actor by profession, Mr. Nadamuri Balakrishna marks his birthday on 10th of June and is a Gemini sign endowed by the virtue of his stars.

Personality scope-

Balakrishna Nadamuri is blessed with excellent memory, health, and plenty of force in character. He is a person with outrageous talent and is marked to do well all walks of life. His abilities are sure to establish him firmly in the field of arts and politics.

Career scope-

Balakrishna will mark his success with flying colors as far his career is concerned. He is a very hard working person, bestowed with a will of steel. And his hard work will bring glory to his career and financial front.

Money scope-

By virtue of his stars he is the adjudicator of sound financial base, by and large. His hard work and will power supports his financial ground and he will garner fame as much as he will garner wealth for his efforts.

Health scope- As far as health is concerned. He might have to cut down, his late hours working schedule and stress. Being a passionate actor, he is too keen about his work and paying less heed to health, will lead to a stressful life, but will overcome it with a healthy routine.

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