blog imageHow can I know what is my horoscope

How can I know what is my horoscope

Horoscopes are charts showing the arrangement of planets during your birth. Horoscopes are an important part of astrology and are considered as a chief determinant of one’s life. Thus, knowing about your horoscope is crucial to your general well being and it is equal to knowing about your forthcoming life ahead of time.

To know about what your horoscope is, you need to know about your date of birth in the first place and that again will let you know about the zodiac sign you were born under. Once you know your zodiac sign, you can automatically know about other associated facts such as ruling planet, ruling element, gana, lagna, compatible and non-compatibles signs etc. On the basis of these knowledge and facts, you can easily know about your monthly horoscope, horoscope weekly report and so on. Thus, getting a horoscope by date of birth is the first and foremost step towards getting your horoscope chalked out. Horoscope months are important in matters of horoscope charting as they determine your course of life in reference to your zodiac sign. Horoscope matching is an important part of our tradition when it comes to forming perfect alliances. Also, horoscopes can be of various types such as love horoscope, financial horoscope, career horoscope, luck horoscope, relationship horoscope and so on.

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Dhanraj Pillay

Date of Birth:16 July 1968
Zodiac Sign :Cancer
Profession:Hockey Player

Dhanraj Pillay is a renowned Indian hockey player and also former captain of hockey team India. He was born on July 16 a..Know More..