blog imageDoes your partner love you Check with our love calculator

Does your partner love you Check with our love calculator

Love! Such a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? A million other feelings in the world, just as beautiful as the next one, but it still isn’t as complete as love is, right? We people have been on this earth for about two hundred thousand years and it is not a stretch to say that love has been around as long as humans have been. Though old, Love has never been found to wrinkle or crumble, but has grown to be stronger than ever.

These days, social media is a flood with complains and criticisms about the authenticity of love and how they have not been love-lucky. What they fail to understand is that luck shan’t provide you an answer, time will, because love cannot be pursued; it can only ensue, when the mind is ready to be overwhelmed and the heart is ready to be overloaded, love will definitely find its way to you, for everyone is blessed with love.

Attaching a lot of contrived meanings has done love no good, making it more complicated than it ever was. People find out, after months of being close, spending copious amounts of time and money to surprise them, putting their needs in front of ours and imagining a future with them, that your feelings weren’t mutual and that a separation was your immediate future. You could either opt to take the long, painful route, or you could use our Love calculator to find out the future of your relationship.

Knowastro, time and again, does the impossible - inform you of your future, and do so with accuracy. Enter your names, your dates of birth and read what is written on your cards; it is as simple as that.

It is common knowledge that the celestial positions on the day of your birth decides what paths your life will take and it is that knowledge that our love calculator utilizes to calculate love percentages, an accurate measure of how likely time is to be the savior of  your love life.

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Dhanraj Pillay

Date of Birth:16 July 1968
Zodiac Sign :Cancer
Profession:Hockey Player

Dhanraj Pillay is a renowned Indian hockey player and also former captain of hockey team India. He was born on July 16 a..Know More..