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Astro stone Neelam

About Neelam Stone

Neelam in one Line - Neelam or Blue sapphire is a very powerful stone used to treat the malefic ‘Saturn’. It is September birthstone. Its deep blue hue and sparkle reflects beauty, potency and depth.

Neelam or blue sapphire is a lovely blue colored stone emitting striking brilliance. It is also differently called Saturn stone as it counteracts the harmful effects of a malefic Saturn. Chemically Neelam is aluminium oxide. See how it can impact the different genres of your life-

Impact of Neelam stone on personality

Wearing a Neelam can enhance your thinking capacity and foresight. Your moral & mental strength too gets boosted. You become industrious, hardworking and your approach turns precise & focused. Your overall personality gets an attractive edge where you can easily impress others by your looks and demeanor.

Impact of Neelam stone on career

Wearer of Neelam becomes hardworking, focused and industrious. Good results of these traits show up in the native’s career. Dedicated attention to career leads to advancement. Neelam stone denotes a swell in the wearer’s wealth and prosperity. So by wearing Neelam you can definitely experience substantial gains in the field of career. Those involved in businesses of textile, transport, gas & petroleum can witness business growth by wearing Neelam. Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Metallurgists, Scientists, surgeons, writers, soldiers too can benefit career-wise from Neelam.

Impact of Neelam stone on love

Neelam gives you a soft & caring disposition. You learn to care for your partner and show your affection towards him/her. That definitely improves love life. The charm that the stone imparts to your demeanor casts a spell on your partner and enhances closeness between the both of you.


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