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Astro stone Manik

About Manik Stone

Manik in one Line - The sparkling bright red Manik or Ruby gemstone would simply take your heart away. It is a July birth stone and an astrological stone remedy for malefic Sun..

The bright red stone Manik or ruby is unparalleled in beauty and healing properties. It is used to nullify the harmful impact of malefic sun. Chromium is the primary constituent of ruby stone.

Impact of Manik stone on personality

Your character gets infused with the elements of energy, stamina, vitality and courage as soon as you wear Manik. Your personality reflects peace and contentment under the impact of Manik gemstone. Depression will be brushed aside and your presence will emit an attention-grabbing luster and aura

Impact of Manik stone on career

Manik is considered to be the giver of prosperity, name & fame. Your career takes an upward flight under the impact of this amazing gemstone. Frequent promotions and recognition in professional sphere will be on the cards for the wearer of Manik. Manik according to Astrological jargon not only brings you wealth but also preserves it. So, your wealth will never leave you if you wear Manik

Impact of Manik stone on love

Manik lets you get involved in a relationship of unconditional love. The rich red color symbolizes passion, integrity and devotion. Thus the flame of true passionate love gets ignited for the wearer of Manik or ruby. The wearer gets submerged in a sea of intimacy. Sexual life becomes exciting like never before


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