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Astro stone Beruj

About Beruj Stone

Beruj in one Line - Beruj or Aquamarine pleases your eyes with its stunning and soothing watery green color. It is a gemstone of Beryl family and a March birthstone. .

Beruj, a greenish blue gemstone with singular glow and polish catches your fancy at the very first look. Beruj or Aquamarine is formed out of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. Beruj mitigates the harmful impacts of malefic Venus

Impact of Beruj stone on Personality

Aquamarine stabilizes emotions and other mental aspects. Feminine virtues get an edge under the impact of the stone. Your heart broadens and you become a selfless, magnanimous individual. Your confidence level and courage is boosted, shyness warded off and you become more outspoken, rational, and communicative. Sharp-wittedness is another trait that adds to your personality under the impact of Aquamarine.

Impact of Beruj stone on Career

By wearing Beruj, your intelligence and wisdom increases in manifold ways. Also, it makes you more expressive. You can speak out your ideas and thoughts clearly. These give you prominence in professional sphere or in the field of career you are involved in and the result is success and betterment.

Impact of Beruj stone on Love

Beruj or Aquamarine improves chemistry between couples. The elements of trustworthiness and loyalty are heightened in a relationship and that bonds you and partner up in eternal, undying love. Beruj actually is powerful enough to turn your relationship into an example of perfect love for all others


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