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Love by fluke.

Part 2

Ritu became poignantly aware of the automation her character has undergone. Her life is caught amid ledger books, balance sheets, computer stored datas, figures and lots of numbers…yes, inanimate, drab, lifeless numbers. Ritu holds the designation of a chartered accountant at office and her accountancy skills have already made her the talk of the town. Accounts management was her forte and balancing the debits and credits, had become, as it were her purpose of life. She was gradually losing track of the delicate nuances, beauties and emotions of life. But one good thing was that, she was aware of all that she has done to herself. When work stress became intolerable, she thought that she needed a break to relax and unwind and thought that she needed to go on a vacation after years. So, one fine morning she approached her boss with the demand for a vacation. Her boss readily approved it without getting mad on her and that surprised her. Her boss who was an experienced business tycoon could easily make out the situation she has fallen into. In order to save his most valuable professional asset from despair and depression, her boss came up with some holiday planning suggestions for her.

Story will be continued..

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Vinod Kambli

Date of Birth:18 January 1972
Zodiac Sign :Capricorn
Profession:Cricket Player

Vinod Kambli is a popular ex cricketer of the country who played for team India as a batsman of the middle order. He was..Know More..