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Taurus in one Line: Taurus is going to meet quite a few interesting people in this phase.


The year ahead will probably not be a cake walk for the Taureans. There are many challenges in store for them this year and they may start experiencing the hiccups and jolts in the various spheres of their life soon after the year takes off. But Taureans by nature are gifted with lots of practical wisdom and perseverance and those traits may work to their advantage this year allowing them to circumvent some of the most mammoth challenges of 2017. With the arrival of planet Mars into their house around months March-April, Taureans will feel a new spurt of energy in their life in that part of the year. The retrograde position of planets Venus and Mercury during the same time may fetch in some woes for them and wreak some havoc. However with an intense approach and strategic planning they can overcome many unwanted challenges this year


A change in financial domain is predicted by the stars this 2017 and this change is for the better.  Regarding long-term investments and financial plans, the Taureans will be able to take up a real solid stand this year. Also, they will be able to curb much of their extravagant spending habits


First half of 2017will go pretty well health-wise. The stamina, vitality and energy of the Taureans will be at their very best but the second half of 2017 will prove immensely tiring. Getting sufficient relaxation and rest can however ward off the difficulties. Occasional indigestion issues may be faced all year round


Taureans need to apply an intense professional approach plus a solid strategic planning in order to experience favorable results in career this year. They need to be very cautious while dealing with their bosses and seniors at work because planetary alignments of 2017 threaten the cropping up of a tussle with the seniors


As far as the education domain is concerned Taurean natives may come out with flying colors. Many of them will really excel in their field of study. Those appearing for competitive exams may meet with success. However, those pursuing higher studies will encounter a couple of hurdles this year


During the start of 2017, Taureans may experience a strained relation with their loved ones, especially their family members. But after the month of August things will ease out in the sphere of domestic relations. Existing love relationships are likely to get a fresh lease of life for Taureans this year


Luck will be a mixed factor this year. Both good times and bad times are predicted by the stars. The good times will make Taureans feel highly energetic and enthusiastic about everything but they must make sure not to go too much over the board or else they may end up amassing negativities into their lives

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Taurus 2017 January Horoscope

With the start of the first month, you might experience contradictory views or thoughts with people who exercise or have authority. You are likely to make monetary gains and profits from several foreign associates and sources this month. You might feel that your partner is not being as supportive as you would wish them to be. There is a good chance of you facing some sort of an issue with regard or caused due to your ego. Matters of health could also be affected after the 15th January in 2017 and you might have to struggle with various challenges that are likely to strike in other phases of life too. Your luck quotient does not seem to be too favorable for you at this point. It is best for you to avoid taking any major responsibilities which you might fail to fulfill, especially in the latter half of the month of January. There might be some chances of minor economic issues that might arise towards the end of this month. However, there is a good scope for an unexpected but positive change that might give you a better and appropriate direction for your business plans.

Taurus 2017 February Horoscope

The second part month of the year, you might have to experience an energy that might affect in your overall being and may cause a dip in the start of February so you must avoid worrying or overstressing yourself. You might gain some profits through unexpected sources which will help you gain good income. However, there will be a lot of obstacles in your journey, especially if it is regarding government or tax related tasks. You might also experience a slight momentary delay in gaining profits for a short time during this month. Students or people in an educational setting might feel the need to change their field of study after the 6th of February. There is a good scope of improvement in your luck aspect and would be seen after 13th February 2017. You might have a sudden trip coming up at the end of the month and it could turn out to be extremely beneficial to you. You might also feel an urge to indulge in virtuous pursuits around the end of the month. There is a solar eclipse that is occurring on 26th February which can have some effect on your overall peace of mind. 

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