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Gemini in one Line: The Twins should be prepared to avoid legal litigation as there are chances of them getting involved in lawsuits in this phase


Changeability is the keyword for Geminians this year. They will face several new changes in almost all spheres of their life and they are advised to welcome these changes with open arms and without being skeptical. These changes are likely to bring about new promises, new hopes and a new dawn into their life. These changes in fact might change their life for the better this 2017.  Planet Venus helps them to stick to their goals with intense focus and prevents scattering of their brain power. The restrogade position of planet Mercury around the month of April may give them some hiccups and challenges this year.  Planet Mars enters their house in the month of May this year and with that they are likely to embark on a new energetic journey of life and this streak is likely to continue all year round.


Stability is likely to be restored in the domain of money. Opportunities for long-term financial investments may arrive towards the middle of 2017. Many of the Gminians may need to revamp their budget and financial planning in order to see better results. A steady growth of money is predicted by their stars this year


Their overall health is likely to Improve this year and the good planetary influences of Jupiter and Venus are actually responsible for this. However some of the Geminians may fall prey to anxiety and nervous breakdown due to their soaring levels of stress which is one issue they need to watch out for this 2017


Geminians will have a slow pace at work this 2017. Thus, they need to utilize the phase for re-dedication as well as re-introspection on all of their major career decisions. Some changes or major relocations related to their career pursuits are on the cards as the year rolls on


Education life seems problematic for the Geminians in the year 2017. Their path of studies will have many hurdles and these road blocks will indeed try their patience. But it is their determination and tireless efforts that can bring them some success out of the all-pervasive academic darkness.


Geminians who are already in a committed relationship may find ample scopes for love related adventures this year. Many of the Geminans will also be able to stop the redundant affairs and get into new promising ones. However, for some certain unwanted frustrations may crop up in their love life


Favorable planets are supportive for the Geminians this year and that makes things comparatively less woeful and luckier for them. But taking things casually and not putting in enough effort is not what they should do. Luck will shine brighter if they are sincere and dedicated in their efforts and endeavors

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Gemini 2017 January Horoscope

with the arrival of the New Year, you will be filled with energy and enthusiasm. You will be able to reach your targets in terms of finance and career. You must avoid taking any hasty decisions at this point as it can have a possible backfire but on the whole, if you can be righteous and more inclined towards your work then you will see a startling change in your overall outcome and that will be highly profitable. You might experience some issues in your health especially with regard to your sleep and eating style. You must try and make some changes in it to feel more confident and strong from within. Your educational front will go on smoothly as long as you do not allow external sources to affect you immensely and also if you put your best foot forward in everything that you do. You are also likely to feel very welcome and happy in your partner company at this point as it will help you establish a strong and powerful bond with each other. You must avoid getting confrontational after 5th of January 2017.

Gemini 2017 February Horoscope

As the second month of the year settles in, you too will see a very strong change in your approach and attitude. There might be several means of worry for you but it is going to be imperative to stay focused and very alert irrespective of any situation. You must try to be as neutral as possible when handling matters at work as it will assure you a steady growth and progress at this stage. Despite your several attempts, you are likely to see a clear dip in your financial end. This might you feel very demotivated but you must try and gather your inner strength and treat this matter with a little more accuracy and care. You will also be on the receiving end when it comes to monetary matters and you can expect be a steady rise in your income at this point in time. You must try to avoid taking any monetary decisions before the 17th of February 2017 to avoid getting into any complication that might be bound to occur.

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