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Vijay Mallya

Horoscope sign Sagittarius Vijay Mallya

BORN: 1955-12-18
SIGN: Sagittarius
PROFESSION: Business Man

Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya is a well known business tycoon as well as politician of the country. He had also been chairman at the country’s largest spirit manufacturing company; United Spirits Ltd. He was born on December 18th and is a Sagittarian by virtue of his date of birth

Personality scope

Planets Mars and Jupiter sculpt the personality of Vijay Mallya. Under these planetary influences he turns out to be a charming and friendly individual with an intense sense of compassion and perceptiveness

Career scope

To keep himself charged up in the career field, Vijay Mallya needs to get sufficiently motivated. Challenges in career keep him at a mental high and enjoys solving all those challenges and coming

Achievements scope

Vijay Mallya has made significant achievements in the field of business. He has held top posts in companies like United Spirits Limited, United Breweries Group, Kingfisher Airlines Limited, Sanofi India, Bayer CropScience etc. some of the most notable awards he has been honored with include The Asian award for Entrepreneur of the year, World Economic Forum award for Global leader of tomorrow and so on…

Family and relationships scope

He is true to all the relationships he gets into and he thinks of all his loved ones in a fond, dearly manner. In matters of friendship he makes a loyal friend and in matters of love he makes a highly committed partner

Money scope

He is born with a sound financial status naturally and understands well the worth of money. Earning money is never an issue for him but retaining the earned money can become a major issue at times

Health scope

Overall health of Vijay Mallya is sound enough. He hardly takes any kind of stress upon himself as he is much more concerned about his mental health than physical health. This approach helps him retain his vitality

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