Today's Celebrity Horoscope

Vivek Shauq

Horoscope sign Cancer Vivek Shauq

BORN: 1963-06-21
SIGN: Cancer

Vivek Shauq is a well known actor who has acted in numerous Punjabi and Hindi movies, TV Commercials and soaps. He had been a good writer as well as singer too. He was born on 21 st of June and is a Geminian by virtue of his date of birth.

Personality scope

Vivek is a fun loving, gentle and quite adaptive person and in being so, he portrays himself as a true Geminian. His sociable nature gets him many friends and admirers and he loves to spend quality time with them as he considers them to be his main source of strength and sustenance.

Career scope

Vivek Shauq is a multi-faceted talent and that makes him a busy careerist who will never have a dearth of projects. Vivek is also a perfectionist and takes no rest until he has executed his tasks in the most perfect way.

Money scope

Money never leaves him and he is likely to experience all sorts of material comforts all along his life. He is creative and thus money making chances will abound in his life.

Health scope

Vivek may have a good health generally but may suffer from cough and cold and issues like respiratory congestions in a sporadic way. So, all preventative measures need to be undertaken

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