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As 2016 makes its entry into our lives, it’s time for us to make a new start this New Year. 2015 is gone and with it the many dark and bright spells of the year are gone too. You need to welcome 2016 with open arms now and make some great resolutions to organize your life in a better way this New Year. If the previous year had left you bruised and battered, it’s time for you to hold yourself up and fight back. If the previous year had been smooth-sailing, you need to make it even smoother this year. But, whatever you do or say is actually guided by some cosmic energy and that energy lies in your ‘stars’. If you know your ‘stars’ and their influences, you can plan your life in a much better way.

Our 2016 Yearly horoscope gives you a clear idea of what all is in store for you this New Year. We unravel the mystery of stars for you through our yearly horoscope. Read how the positioning and movement of various stars on your sun sign would impact your life this New Year. Our yearly horoscope gives you an in-depth understanding of planetary arrangements this 2016. Take a look and empower yourself to have the best year ahead.

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Sridevi Kapoor

Date of Birth:13 August 1963
Zodiac Sign :Leo

Sridevi is the elegant, dusky doe-eyed actress who has showcased her acting skills in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam an..Know More..