Google Oauth

Manage mailbox labels.  

Knowastro is in necessity of appropriate permissions to manage the user’s mailbox labels to

  • To create service-specific label(s) as a means to group and classify the mails from Knowastro, depending on the service(s) requested by the user. A thorough classification of the various request mails sent and reports received will enable the user to follow and respond to the aforementioned email communications.
  • Mails from Knowastro are required to indicate the user the time of occurrence of specific planetary positions and are time-dependent. Labeling said mails will enable the user to effectively notice such mails and integrate it into their daily activities. 

View your email messages and settings.

Knowastro is in requirement of the access to view the user’s email messages and settings

  • To filter incoming emails such as our daily, weekly and monthly horoscope emails to a particular label and for the identification of matrimonial request mails of the user to prompt the user to initiate generation of a compatibility report in the website/mobile app, if the user has opted for the particular service.
  • To customize the reports provided for the services opted according to the age and geographical location of the user and to personalize the services provided itself.
  • To make entries to the users’ calendar indicating the Dashas (time intervals that is ruled by a particular planet) and the Muhurthams (auspicious times) of the day that will aid the user to understand and utilize the horoscope reports better and also to mark other events.  
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Sushil Kumar

Date of Birth:26 May 1983
Zodiac Sign :Gemini
Sushil Kumar, the famed Indian wrestler has carved a distinct niche for himself in the genre of freestyle wrestling. He was born on the 26th..Know More..