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Scorpio in one Line: Most Scorpions are recovering from a phase that was marked with hypocrisy and pretense.


Scorpions are likely to have a great year ahead. All of their endeavors are likely to come true. So, they may roll up to their fit and hit the plans they had postponed for a long time. As the year opens Mars comes into the house of the Scorpio. Soon after, Mars enters the signs of Taurus plus Leo and holds an unfavorable alignment to that of Scorpio. This phase may turn quite problematic for them. Mid October Jupiter arrives into the house of Scorpio and brings in a gush of many brilliant opportunities for the natives. Towards the month of December Mars again enters the sign of Scorpio and makes it an ideal time for the natives to start new promising ventures but they also need to be cautious as Mercury is retrograde during that time and may create some problems for them


Financial standing of the Scorpions are likely to get boosted as the year moves ahead. Though expenditures would heighten this year, the inflow of wealth would help to strike a perfect balance between inflow and outflow. Reviewing of budget is necessary in order to avoid a tight spot.


2017 will make the Scorpions experience a pinch at their career front. Unwanted challenges in the shape of unhealthy competitions, delays, back-stabbing at the career front may plague them sufficiently. They are advised not to give up because better days await them after this temporary dark phase


Improved health, cheerfulness and a spike in energy levels is predicted for the natives this year. However, dehydration issues may crop up at some point of time this year. So, sipping from liquids in an optimum quantity is highly necessary to maintain the kiss of good health


2017 may not prove favorable for students in its first half. Stress over studies is likely to soar as multiple tasks would require their attention and execution. Competitive tasks as well as exams might meet with failure during that time. However the year’s 2nd half would turn favorable especially for those engaged in the science stream of studies


Love life will improve when compared to the past years. Emotional as well as sensuous aspects of the natives’ personality will get heightened. Instincts will guide them a lot in most matters of their relationship. They are likely to excel in love and will be able to transcend all major love related upheavals


Utilizing energies to an optimal level will help the Scorpions buckle up their luck factor this year. Overindulgence of any kind need to be avoided to keep the luck glued to their life. Valuing relationships will help them attract the good vibrations from the universe into their life

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Scorpio 2017 January Horoscope

The scorpion will open his mystic eye this January and analyze the possibilities of the brand-new year. All your scorpions are deeply mystical and have the powerful ability to see through the future. You can perceive that the year 2017 will be a year full of new learnings and spiritual upliftment and you will be taken on a journey of growth and deeper fulfillment. Many of you will spend the major chunk of January in sketching up plans on making the most of this year. However, the last two weeks of this month will bring a flurry of activities.

Scorpio 2017 February Horoscope

The second month adds some challenge to the lives of scorpions. On the work front, there are major issues that need your immediate attention and the powerful scorpion magnetism will be critically required. Money will not flow in very easily and some scorpions will run into debts. However here is where the remarkable scorpion powers of planning and frugality will come into play. You will face pain in the lower back in the last few weeks of February and that is a signal by your body that is now demanding care and attention from you.

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