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Pisces in one Line: Pisceans have to control their wanderlust and stop their imagination from blowing out of control.


Stars spell growth for the fish sign but it will come to them at a snail-speed. So, they shouldn’t expect any quick gains this year and ‘patience’ is undoubtedly the keyword for the Pisceans this year. As planet Mars travels through the house of the Pisces sign towards the beginning of the year 2017, the year may commence with lots of pomp and grandeur for many of the Pisces. But the course of occurrences in the rest part of the year will be determined by the natives’ own skills to face the greater, outer world as planet Mars is soon going to move out of the house of the Pisces sign. The planet ruler Neptune rests in the house of the Pisces all through the year thereby making the natives feel at home and allowing them to reside in their world of dreams. During the month of February the occurrence of a solar eclipse in the Piscean sign may offer the natives with all the needed energy to fare well against all the turmoil of life


For the entire 2017, Pieces natives may find their money directed towards long term financial investments plus high value purchasing. They are advised to curb their impulsive spending habits. Being reasonable while making purchases would help them out remarkably. Buying of big assets like a house or car is on the cards this year


Career front is likely to be a good one for the Pisceans this 2017. Work place ambiance would be warm and friendly for them. There wouldn’t be much pressure on or stress related to their work performance. Achieving of work targets would happen with ease for them this year


Surge of energy, cheerfulness and good health will be a part of the life of Pisceans this year. A new feel of vitality, vigor and dynamism would be felt by them. Physical workouts are indispensable this year in order to maintain the good status of health that they have acquired


Unexpected outcomes in the field of studies may be experienced by the natives this year. Interviews and exams might turn out to be a success for most Pisceans though not for all of them. Focused studies and hard work may see them through the not-so favorable times


Love life may prove to be significantly dynamic this year. Those looking for a soul mate may find him or her out this year. Multiple partners may be drawn to the natives and make decision making a real tough job for them. Loyalty as well as dedication would rule supreme in committed relationships


Turning a deaf ear to excessive sentimentalities and chaotic emotions of the inner self will help natives stay on guard against the various negativities of life. Pessimism should not weigh them down because such thoughts may drive away luck from their life this year. Wearing rudraksha beads may help them out.

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Pisces January 2017 Horoscope

Pisceans may experience a great career domain and professional life in this first month of the year. It will in fact be better than their domestic life. Their social circles will expand; they will make many new friends and may even take part in some major social function. Spirituality will attract them and they will spend much of their time in soul searching and spiritual delving. They may come across love at work place or at some social function. They are advised to go slow in matters of love this month

Pisces February 2017 Horoscope

Work life progresses rapidly for you this month. You would do extremely well in career and bag many new projects. Try to be a little more practical in your approach as in the past you have lost out on many opportunities due to your dreamy restless nature. Some of your friends may conspire against you this month so be aware. There are chances of you winning a lottery and benefitting financially from an unexpected avenue, make sure that you wear rose pink accent clothes.

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