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Libra in one Line: Librans are advised to move steadily towards their goals carefully filtering out all distractions.


This year is meant for Librans to brace themselves up for some real spectacular changes in their life. Many new developments are likely to occur this year and they’ll probably be plagued by feelings of uncertainty. The 2017 eclipse taking place towards mid year would play a real compelling role in the lives of the Libran natives. Hasty decisions need to be avoided during this time. Planet Jupiter will rest in the Libran sign from the month of January 2017 until October offering each native with the much needed positive vibes to be on the most ideal growth track. Between the months of March and April this year ruler of Libran sign planet Venus may go retrograde and that may make their decision making power go wary. Thus, the natives need to put off all vital decisions during this time


This year Librans tend to spend more than they can earn and most of these expenditures will be of the unwanted nature. Expenditures on extravaganza are on the cards. Also, some sudden expenses may crop due to the illness of a close friend or family member. For some Librans speculative deals may prove to be somewhat fruitful


Librans are likely to brim with lots of energy this year and will be free from any sort of major health issue. But keeping themselves active is what they need or else they may see a decline in their fitness levels. Pursing artistic hobbies will bring them inner solace and will calm them down emotionally and mentally


Librans are likely to have a favorable career domain this 2017 and are likely to excel in all respects. Their intellectual attributes may come under special limelight at the work front and may get specially recognized. This may eventually trigger career progress for the Libran natives


For students this is a good year. Those who have appeared for competitive tests and interviews may meet with success. But as the year moves to its second half phase, many of the students may face hurdles in their study life. Those who are expecting placements from studies might have to work pretty hard to achieve desired results


The love life of the Libran natives would be somewhat tricky this year. However their seduction skills may work the wonders allowing them to re-charm and then re-unite with lost partners or past relationships. Love front may pose some stiff opposition this year. Thus, Librans are advised to stay attentive to only all that is good in the relationship


The natives should try to be balanced and keep their feet planted on the ground in order to draw the positive vibrations from the cosmos. This year karmic influences will matter a lot in determining their luck factor. So, they need to be good to the world and be good in their own deeds.

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Libra 2017 January Horoscope

You would act in a self-obsessive manner and will drag your ego to a destructive point. Native Librans will feel a surge of overconfidence n their bodies and mistakenly assume that there are no higher cosmic powers to guide their lives. This surge of pride may bring some change in your facial elements and you may suffer from troubles of the mouth and teeth. However, you will benefit from the flow of profits from various sources Librans have a natural talent for networking and this will help them immensely to procure coveted data from hard to find sources. Beneficial period begins from 25th January.

Libra 2017 February Horoscope

The month of February will urge you towards satisfying your wanderlust. You will be filled with lots of energy and enthusiasm towards life and will plan on embarking on at least one short trip. However, around the second week of the month allergic reaction may trouble your body and those with asthmatic tendencies need to be especially careful as there might be an aggravation of their condition. On the domestic front, your capabilities will be appreciated well by your spouse and family and you will be treated with love and respect. There are chances of new property acquisition for you.

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