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Leo in one Line: With high expectations and charged spirits Leo is all set to conquer obstacles and emerge as a winner.


Leonites will have a remarkably successful year this 2017. The favorable planetary alignments work the wonders and thus whatever they lay their hands on, turns out to be a grand success. So, for the ‘king of the jungle’ this year is a year of carnival and will definitely put her into the mood to celebrate each and every moment. In the month of February, the occurrence of lunar eclipse in their house may cause some emotional upheaval and agony for the Leonites. The eclipse may also signal the closing of something such a relationship, a health issue, a career path and so on. Planet Mars arrives into their house around late July and stays in their house until beginning of September imparting them with the much-needed stamina and energy. Leonites might see a new avenue opening up for their life towards the close of the year


Financial opportunities will abound for the leonites this year. They may get some major scopes to boost their earnings and curb their expenditures. For some leonites speculative investments may turn out to be a grand success. Real estate investments may turn out to be effective and high yielding this year.


Career front foretells of some hassles and troubles for the Leonites this 2017. Tension may arise in their relationship with their seniors at work or with their colleagues. They may however develop some very influential professional contacts this year and these contacts may help them with their career success in the days to come


Health-wise leonites may face several ups and downs this year. However, they are likely to turn more active when compared to the last year. But too much of dieting or exercising may result in more harm than good. So, they need to watch out on their health related endeavors and take expert guidance if necessary.


Education sector may turn out to be a baggage of mixed experiences this year. Researchers and those involved in higher studies may meet with some success though some of the leonites may also face troubles arising out of peers in studies or due to frequent illnesses that may hamper their study life


This year the love life of the leonites may get a new momentum and dimension though some subtle changes may also be noticed. The leos may start giving their partners quality time and that will definitely improve their relationship by helping them to bond emotionally and make a great chemistry together


Luck seems quite good for the Leos this year. The planetary influences of Venus favor them all year round and thus make their luck shine most brilliantly. But they too have to do their bit in maintaining this streak of good luck. Being careless about their tasks or duties in life may turn the good luck to a bad one

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Leo January 2017 Horoscope

This first month of the year will be a mixed affair for the Leonites. Work pressure may mount but hard work may reap fruits at the end of the day. Increased work pressure may however leave you physically exhausted and mentally stressed. Certain health issues may aggravate after mid month and so you need to be careful enough. You may travel to a distant land for professional reasons. Your inner mind may have chaotic thoughts and the best way to resolve that is to take refuge in spirituality

Leo February 2017 Horoscope

February may bring into your life a gush of tempo and energy. Many situations of life that seemed challenging before will now seem more manageable to you and many things in both personal and professional life will fall in place. Speculative deals may result in a financial windfall for you. At work place some misunderstandings will colleagues may occur and that may upset you sufficiently. Towards the month end you may develop romantic inclinations and things are going to work out for you

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