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Capricorn in one Line: For the Goat, this is an enjoyable phase when all they have to do is to focus on what they enjoy the most..


Capricorn natives will have a good year ahead. Many of them will see exponential growth in their life. Most of their plans are likely to meet with success and that’ll make them very positive about life as a whole. Mercury will go retrograde in the house of the Capricorn sign towards the beginning of the year and might render all the New Year plans of the natives fruitless or unsuccessful. However, this is a temporary phase, and once the planet goes direct all issues is likely to be resolved.  Planet Pluto is positioned in the house of the Capricorn sign all year round, fetching much focus and discipline into the lives of the natives. Towards the end of December 2017, the ruling planet of Capricorn, Saturn enters the Capricorn sign and this planetary duo of Saturn-Pluto may result in some major changes in life for the natives


Finances come under the spotlights for most natives this year. The year’s first half would go quite busy and all of their efforts would be directed towards earning money. Second half of 2017 would be spent in saving money, chalking out budgets and curbing all sorts of unwanted expenses


Career seems to be the key source of satisfaction as well as strength for the Capricorn natives this 2017. Career will be a domain that allows their creativity to burgeon at the fullest. Their professional life would also foster the fulfilling of their social ambitions most amicably.


Planetary alignments of 2017 would encourage good health for the natives. First half of the year may make them suffer from some petty, minor ailments but the second half will make the glow of health shine on them most warmly. In fact mental health of the natives would be quite strong when compared to physical health


Education domain seems smooth sailing for the natives this year. Those aspiring for studies in foreign lands or for higher studies may see their endeavors meeting with success. Studies of management or economics would turn out to be significantly rewarding this year.


Past years may show repercussions on the love life of the natives this year. Love may come to acquire a whole new dimension and meaning in their life. At times, the domineering tendencies of the partner may try their patience and may result in certain upheavals in their love life


Luck factor can improve if natives can manage to spare some hours on self reflection and introspection. The inner strength of the inner self will help them grab all the positive vibrations from the cosmos this year. Thus they need to explore their inner self and awaken their inner strength

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.*

Capricorn January 2017 Horoscope

Your lifestyle would show an up-gradation and your social life would turn buzzing like never before on this first month of 2017. You may experience great motivation coming from your social life. You may chance upon a new income avenue this month. A drop in income and a spurt in expenditures may lead to decline in your financial status post January 14th. Traveling this month may not prove as rewarding. So, put off the plans. However, as the month closes, you might receive a transfer order to the location you had craved for so long.

Capricorn February 2017 Horoscope

You may experience a decline in your stamina on this second month of 2017. Low stamina might wear you down this month. The financial tensions and strains that you may experience could also wreck your peace of mind. Try to be very alert this month as the possibility of big losses is quite pronounced at least until the 12th of February 2017. Thereafter, your luck may improve, on the financial front as well as on the health front. However, some sort of mental agony could persist from and beyond 6th of February. Ego conflicts may wreak havoc in the relationship domains. Spirituality can help you connect with your inner self and derive mental peace.

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