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Cancer in one Line: Cancerians should prepare themselves to face a lot of action in work.


Cancerians are likely to have a favorable year ahead. Changes in various spheres of life are predicted by the universe and these changes are likely to bring about many positive new developments for the crabs. Planet Mars is likely to visit their house around the months June-July and that would impart them with the much needed enthusiasm and energy to embark on tough tasks and start something anew in their life.  Planet Uranus is likely to show an unstable nature as far as their career domain is concerned and that will give them occasional hiccups and shake-ups. Planet Pluto is likely to rest in their relationship area bringing about sudden momentary changes in that arena. Planet Neptune will prove favorable for Cancerians all year round and this will give a big boost to their spiritual side


Financial domain looks amazing for the Cancerians this year. Resources are likely to pour into their life from every nook and corner and those could come in the form of lucrative property deals, salary hikes, inheritances or money gifts. Good financial luck may help them earn a fortune this year.


Career would be one of the most highlighted domains for the cancerians this 2017. But they must keep themselves mentally prepared for some unforeseen changes in their career life as the year moves on. Handling of urgent career related orders and challenges will be done by them most effortlessly…


Cancerians will feel a new spurt of energy and vitality this year. Under the favorable planetary influences all of their previous health concerns are likely to take a back seat this 2017.  They are advised to stick to a fitness routine so that they can maintain themselves at the pink of health all year round


Education domain may yield satisfactory results provided they manage to stay focused on and committed to their academic goals. Those who aspire to enter into higher studies may find their dreams translating into reality this 2017. Students of humanities stream may earn many rewards and accolades


Cancerians  are likely to have a brilliant love life. Emotional fulfillment, romantic adventures and sensuousness are in store for the cancer natives this year. The second half of 2017 will prove more fulfilling in terms of love when compared to the first one. Singles are likely to mingle this year


Luck seems bright for Cancerians this year. All they need to do is to control their impulsive moves because that alone can be responsible in dampening their luck. They need to weigh the pros and cons thoroughly before taking a plunge in any direction of life. Thoughtful, calculated moves can only brush up on their luck factor.

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Cancer 2017 January Horoscope

With the beginning of a new year you seem to be very energetic and enthusiastic in your approach. There are high chances of you hearing positive news from overseas which would bring some good change and ideas into your life. You might however suffer sue to several health issues that you have to start taking are off right away. You will also face some hardships with regard to economy and finances but that can be directed in the right direction with some caution and understanding. After 14th January 2017, your situation would be under your control. Thereafter, your progress will come around due to your hard work, especially in aspects of your career. You will also witness a very favorable alignment with the stars for you during this month as it will create a very strong possibility of prosperity. You must however avoid any rifts with your partner or spouse towards the end of this month.

Cancer 2017 February Horoscope

The second month of the year exhibits an upsurge in your career. You are likely to have better understanding and circumstances at your work place. You will receive better opportunities and get more scopes to prove yourself. You might be a little worried about a family member health but that will get sorted or resoled with time anyway. You must take extra care of your father health at this point. You might receive a lot of support financially from various external sources which will further enable you to widen your horizon in terms of economy. This phase will also test your patience and thus you must make sure to manage your temper at any situation that you encounter especially after the 16th of February 2017.

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