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Aquarius in one Line: For the Water Bearer, this could well be the time when some open display of feelings is needed.


Aquarians will start the year with a bang…they may nail a vital and lucrative deal or contract or may get into an acquaintance with someone very influential. The incident may stand out as a major turning point in their life. With the beginning of October 2017, planet Jupiter would position itself in the house of the sign Libra and that would pump up the Aquarians with new positive enthusiasm. Saturn rests on the sign of Sagittarius until the middle of December 2017 and that gives the natives a quite hazy, unclear vision about their future. Once Saturn changes position by the end of the year, things would improve most remarkably for the Aquarians. The occurrence of lunar eclipse around the month of August may bring some major chapter in the lives of the natives to a close and they might turn very emotional during this time


Financial problems may crop up if natives are careless about money and money making. Budget revisions are on the cards. They need to tighten their purse strings, chalk out a proper budget and stick to it in order to avoid major financial issues this 2017. Careless handling of money may put them in a tight spot


Some cardinal shifts on the path of career are likely to happen for the Aquarian natives this 2017. Some major long pending work projects may successfully be completed this year while some vital long term work projects may also be initiated. Many of them are likely to win the good will of their seniors at work


Planetary alignments are not in the favor of the health domain of the Aquarians this year and thus they are likely to fall sick frequently this 2017. Mental weariness, physical tiredness and fatigue would be a part of their life almost all year round and this would cause their energy to get sapped


The year may prove tough for the students. Those sitting for exams or appearing for interviews may suffer from low confidence and poor memory issues and may not get the desired results. But after the year has crossed its middle part, things may brighten up a little in the study domain


2017 would be a year to experience love in its most intense form. Scopes to spend quality time with partner and improve the bonds would abound this year. The sensuous skills and understanding levels of the natives would be pretty high this year and would charm their partners thoroughly


Luck may flag for the natives this year and they may be exposed to trials and tests frequently in the various areas of their life. Difficulties they face may be of a nature they haven’t ever faced in the past and that would enhance or rather extend their periphery of experiences, making them more seasoned for the harder times

The ABOVE said is the overview. Now below we will give the details of the predictions on monthly basis.

Aquarius January 2017 Horoscope

As the year opens your career will see significant progress in this first month of the year.  Substantial growth would be experienced in both work life as well as your domestic sphere. Stars predict a promotion for you or a new lucrative professional project may come into your life. A rise in earnings may occur post 14th of January. On the whole, you are likely to be greeted with profits most generously in this first month of 2017. Your social life would go buzzing as you would revel in the company of friends and would derive happiness for their company. Towards month  end there will be a drop in your work pressure making you feel relaxed. Some unexpected money source may come your way.

Aquarius February 2017 Horoscope

During this second month of the year, your financial as well as social standing are likely to improve. You would acquire a comfortable lifestyle. Your social life will turn out to be enriching and enjoyable like never before. Post the date of 6th February your foreign connections may fetch in some favorable news. New prospects of earnings may crop up for you this very month. Financial upheavals may occur to you and may continue beyond the date of 12th February too. So, you need to mind your spending habits. Try to adopt a frugal approach when it comes to spending. Travels may prove beneficial for you.

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