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Horoscope sign Taurus

Today's Taurus Horoscope

Taurus in one Line - Taurus is going to meet quite a few interesting people in this phase.

Personality: (49%):

Taurus is an Earthy sign. The 3 nakshatras that fall under this Rashi are Kritika (2), (3), and (4) pada, Rohini, Mrigasira (1) and (2) pada. Venus is the ruler of this sign. Moon has moved to the house of loss. There will be some tension or the other. Please maintain a balance. Do not go overboard. You can be in trouble due to your poor ability to manage your problems. Please allow the time to settle for better results.

Career: (48%):

Career will be slow. This will impact your career profile. The day will need some caution.

Finance: (49%):

Impulsive decision can be harmful. Money flow will be high. You are advised to remain careful.  

Health: (48%):

Health will be below normal. Try to remain normal. You will be happy with the outcome.

Education: (49%):

Students will not show the required interest to learn. Preparation will be poor. Please maintain a steady learning process.  

Luck: (49%): 

Luck factor will be low. Achievements will be low. Please maintain a good flow of efforts. This will bring better results.

Love: (48%):

Personality clash will be high. You will be disturbed due to this. Please maintain a balanced approach.

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